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About me

Imagine yourself experiencing the amazing energy of a House Music event making you feel like you’ve never felt before. Crowd’s moving and dancing along with the music, your body reacting to each and every beat coming out of those speakers across the room. A unique energy is being felt in the room as the vibe keeps on rising. Life, as you know it, will slowly succumb and be replaced by something new, a new form of existence you’ve never thought possible. Going through this amazing moment where you feel happy to witness the joy of House music sound going through your body. This Party’s igniting vibe is being provided by DJ JIGAR.

Jigar Govinde aka DJ JIGAR was born in Mozambique, on February 19th 1985, although having grown up and lived most of his life in Portugal. Since childhood, he felt drawn to music and DJ'ing. By the time he turned fifteen, the previously existing spark turned into an incredible desire to share his creation with everyone else. Both his charisma and passion have influenced not only his work but also caused great impact on his rising number of followers along with a well-deserved acknowledgement from his pairs.

In a world of many artistic performers there are only a few who can play and produce music with such passion that neither individual nor crowd will ever remain indifferent to the beat of his creation. We proudly introduce to you international DJ/producer DJ JIGAR! He’s supported by some of the world’s biggest DJs: including opening/closing sets for Louie Vega, Todd Terry, Alexander Technique, Joti Sidhu, Pete Tha Zouk, Kura, Diego Miranda, and many more.

DJ JIGAR has been a long time music fan who has roots in the electronic music scene for many years now. He has learned from some of the best also having the opportunity to share the stage with many world renowned DJ’s. He embodies the importance of a connection being made with the listeners during any given live performance. The magic he delivers to people through his performances has been heard across the globe ranging from some of the world's biggest cities including; New York (USA), London (UK), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Lisbon (Portugal), Ibiza (Spain) and many others places. He has played at some of the most well-known clubs/venues in these cities and has toured the world internationally including the United States in 2012 and Brazil in 2013. He is a professional and knows how to perform with the best DJ/Producers across the globe, which includes multiple festival appearances in Portugal.

He initially began his DJ career in Portugal back in 2004. Since then, DJ Jigar has built up a quite a reputation for himself. His live performances bring joy and excitement as people dance from sunset to sunrise. A special vibe comes out of his music, his DJ sets that incorporate tribal, oriental and spicy rhythms originated from his cultural background across three continents. Being very versatile and passionate, something special will be brought to every performance. Jigar would like to extend his talents to clubs/venues across the world now that he is actively booking performances for 2017/2018. Until the end of 2017 will be is debut as official producer with tracks coming out on Todd Terry´s label.

Specific details

Gender Man
Language: English, French, Gujarathi, Hindi (urdu), Portuguese
What genres do you play? House
How many years have you been a DJ? 13
If so where? (Venues, dates) Ibiza (2017), New York (2012 and 2015), London (2014) , São Paulo (2013) Portugal (full year)
Agency or a Freelancer? Freelancer


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